Tom Bibiyan Elected To County Council

Tom Bibiyan has formally been elected to the County Council for the 26th State Senate District of California. 

"Thank you to everyone in the Green Party for helping make this happen. Serving the community and upholding green ideals will be a priority." 

Mr. Bibiyan has a long and rich history in political activism. From leading the protest to the Iraq War/RNC in Union Square in 2004, to assisting the build up of the Occupy Movement from the outset in Washington DC. 

County Council members in Los Angeles County are elected from State Senate Districts by Green Party voters in the June presidential primary. The number of seats per district are proportional to the number of Greens from each district, compared to the entire county. 


Hip Hop Protoge TLz Makes It Big

I met troy maybe six or seven years ago when he was just rapping for fun, and having recognized his talent decided to assist in taking it to the next level. Now he's touring and on stage with lil kim and junior mafia on the east coast. Note: I am the hottest producer. Update: you can hear troy aka TLz on kims new mix tape "Lil Kim season" which was recently released.