Crude Oil Is Poised for Record Monthly Drop

Crude oil fell in New York, poised for its biggest monthly drop since trading began in 1983, on concern that the decline in the U.S. economy will curb fuel demand in the world’s largest energy user . Full: http://tinyurl.com/6qgr3f

Barclays Seeks $11.8 Billion From Investors to Bolster Capital

Barclays Plc, Britain’s second-biggest bank, will raise 7.3 billion pounds ($11.8 billion) from a group that includes investors in Abu Dhabi and Qatar as credit-market writedowns deplete capital.Full: http://tinyurl.com/6mrkvj
Heard from the Room

“BNPD gonna go 2-3 next week, from here, easy!

“EESO, will moveth next week, RBDC will move higher from here also

“PDGI-going to be a snowballer, higher it climbs the faster it moves…jmho

“PWAV getting scalped

“watching for NEXM to pop off 13c here…was $1.50 couple weeks ago when it got hammered….well they just got milestone payment from Novartis…so looks like things are back in play….tells me it could double in a heartbeat

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